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Golden home

Handyman for an hour in Dubai! - Construction of houses, villas. - Repair of flats, offices, villas. - Air conditioner cleaning. - Maintenance of washing machines and dishwashers. - Electrical work, replacement of the switch, socket. - Plumbing, replacement of mixer taps. - Sewerage, cleaning pipes. - Assembly, disassembly, repair of furniture. - Installation of cornices, paintings, photos, chandeliers, shelves, mirrors. - Renovation of villas. - Production of furniture, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms.

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Telegram: @goldenhome_ae

We provide a range of services for minor repairs in apartments. We are always happy to help create comfort in your home:

-Apartment repairs (minor) -Cosmetic repairs in apartments -Electrical work, switch and socket replacement -Carpentry work -Tiling -Drywall work -Interior finishing -Various home repair works -Plumbing, mixer replacement -Sewage, pipe cleaning -Painting work -Wallpapering, wall painting -Laying linoleum, carpet, laminate, ceramic tiles -Assembly, disassembly, and furniture repair -Window and door repairs, lock replacement, lock installation -Telephone, TV, and internet cable installation -Interior work -Installation of curtain rods, pictures, photographs, chandeliers, mirrors, shelves -Renovation of flats, offices, villas -Renovation of villas -Production of furniture, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms


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