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Tsaritsa Foodstuff Trading

Trading House «Tsaritsa» produces and sells wholesale products of wheat and corn processing - wheat flour, groats and corn flour, wheat and corn bran. Delivers goods to customers all over the Emirates and all of the world.

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Wheat flour

The most demanded and popular type of flour. It is obtained from wheat, a cereal crop that has been cultivated by man since ancient times. In accordance with GOST 26575 is divided into 5 grades. It is also produced in accordance with several specifications, but still the generally accepted division looks like this: grain, premium, first, second grade and wallpaper. Krupchatka is considered the highest grade. Its source is vitreous wheat. A distinctive feature of the grains are the large particles that make up the composition. It is highly valued among bakers for its ability to swell after kneading dough. Accordingly, we use the latest equipment and all flour production standards and produce the highest quality product on the market.

Based on the type of cereal, we use when grinding, and determine the type of flour.

It can be obtained from grains of wheat, rye, peas, barley, rice, etc., or from a mixture of several crops.

The scope determines the type of flour. Wheat is great for baking and pasta. It's pastries and pasta. The first is made from soft wheat varieties, the second - from durum, with high vitreousness. The result of processing rye grain is used only for baking purposes.

The grade of flour is the most important indicator of quality. This is closely related to its release. The lower this indicator, the higher the class. The highest grade is characterized by the smallest value and rightfully bears its name. There is practically no waste in the production of whole grain flour - it is coarse and is considered the lowest grade.

Premium flour - the softest, purest and whitest. It contains almost no fiber, fats, vitamins, minerals. It is obtained from the endosperm of the grain, sifting out all other elements. The yield of premium flour is small - it does not exceed a quarter of the mass of raw materials.

Flour of the first and second grade is also very soft, but with each number it loses its color and increases the number of grain shells. Whole grain (whole grain) flour has the highest yield and is recognized as the healthiest. It is rich in minerals and vitamins. Recommended for maintaining a figure and preventing many diseases

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