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Julia Gegina - METRIKA Real Estate

Real estate broker. Help to find best unit on the off-plan and secondary market.

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Independent assessment Sales representatives of developers are only interested in selling their developments. We as brokers working with different developers are more objective in our assessment.

Saving time Market exploring could take much time. Most of the information is hidden, so you need to call a developer at least concerning price. We will provide you all relevant information in one place.

Convenience of interaction with one broker You'll have your personal broker with whom you could: get all information on all developers and developments, take a tour to suitable homes, make a deal nice and easy. That's convenient!

Information about upcoming sales start We get information about upcoming sales start from our partners-developers in advance. We could also get renderings, layouts, prices etc. in advance.

Representing in communication with a developer We responsibly represent your interests. We arrange a more comfortable payment method, reservation prolongation, discounts etc.


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