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SAM Relocation

Since 2009, we are your one stop solution for any corporate and PRO services in UAE. We are a trusted and experienced European team dedicated to empower your company to setup, sustain and accelerate its operations worldwide and serve as your family office in UAE. Our compact yet highly skilled team is committed to delivering personalized services tailored to your specific needs. In the realm of our local expertise and extended network, we boast comprehensive proficiency in relocating your business and your family smoothly.

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Office #08-103, 8th Floor, The Offices 4, One Central, Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai

Additional Information

Our mission is to seamlessly remove the legal and administrative complexities of setting up a business and make it running properly and fully compliant, handling the legal, administrative, technical and financial aspects of your company.

We shoulder the burdensome complexities of local regulations allowing you to dedicate your efforts to the core operations and expansive horizons of your enterprise.

With a diverse portfolio of hundreds of active clients spanning multifarious industries such as multi-commodities trading, health, hospitality, finance, IT & Fintech, wealth management & asset protection, and so on we offer an extensive range of services.

Our purview commences with the meticulous selection of the most apt jurisdiction, accompanied by bespoke legal counsel.

We handle the intricate registration processes, securing all requisite third-party approvals

We respond to your logistics needs in terms of freight forwarding, storage and office or retail space fit-out to allow your company to be fully operational.

We also facilitate comprehensive residency packages, encompassing visas, Emirates ID cards, health insurance policies and driver's licenses for investors, partners, employees, and their families, extending with VIP-grade support throughout.

Our expertise extends to facilitating the provision of unparalleled tax, accounting, consultancy and legal support.

Since our inception in 2009, we have been committed to providing enduring solutions to our clients, evolving alongside their dynamic needs to ensure that their successes resonate as our own.

Recognizing the inherent diversity of businesses and their unique requisites, we steadfastly uphold the belief that one solution does not fit all. Therefore, we invest the necessary time and dedication to gain a profound understanding of your needs, expansion aspirations, and projections spanning short, medium, and long-term horizons. This enables us to meticulously craft the optimal setup solution for your enterprise, one that fortifies your enduring growth.


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