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Natalia Koltsova

VOICE / PUBLIC SPEAKING My name is Natalya Koltsova. I worked in radio for more than 15 years. Now I teach public speaking 🗣️

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I have been teaching public speaking for 5 years.

How to speak on camera so that you are not just listened to, but heard. How to present yourself, how not to be afraid to go out in front of an audience? How to tell a story beautifully and captivatingly, how to win people over. These are just some of the topics covered in Public Speaking trainings.

The modules for you are:

The Power of the Voice Successful Speaker Speak Freely, which contains all the main topics of Oratory. After completing the training, your voice will sound bright and emotional. You will learn to clearly and beautifully convey your thoughts to listeners and viewers. You will overcome pressures and complexes. You can increase your paycheck, attract clients, partners, and find love. Become an expert in your field. After all, communications mean a lot in our lives. Trainings are suitable for you if you often negotiate, have to communicate a lot, or are involved in sales. Do you dream of developing a personal brand on social networks and increasing your income, recording a course, meditations, podcasts, doing live broadcasts, running stories.

I prepare speakers for public speaking, forums, networking events, conferences 🎙️

“People are born poets, they become speakers.” (Cicero)


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